I burst into tears tonight while i was watching ER.

The lovely medical student character, Lucy, was killed by a psychiatric patient.

The whole ER crew tried hard to save her life but failed.

There's a scene that Dr. Kerry Weaver wanted to intubate Lucy to help her breathe and Weaver's hands shook badly.

It's the time when I started to cry cause i was there, i was once in her shoes and didn't  know what to do.

Nicole called me around the end of the episode and kinda scared.

Well....i'm ok, it's just PTSD, i guess...

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  • ladious
  • I made the right guess in the first place. I was there, remember? The Kenting memory flashed back into my mind the moment I saw the beach and sunshine. I know things change, but what we used to have with our beloved is here to stay, forever.
  • me
  • my feeling's with you...